How Idaho Milk Products enriched data with Nectar

Updated on Jan 5, 2024

idaho milk case study thumbnail
idaho milk case study thumbnail
idaho milk case study thumbnail

We leveraged Nectar’s state-of-the-art technology to track our carbon emissions, setting an example for sustainable practices in our industry. Thanks to Nectar’s innovative solution, we can accurately assess our environmental impact, becoming a pioneer in sustainability among our peers. I highly recommend Nectar to any business that wants to measure and understand their environmental impact with ease and accuracy. — Jeremy Pike, Sustainability Platform Leader @ Idaho Milk Products

Idaho Milk Products, a leading dairy processing company, sought to streamline their environmental data collection and transaction classification processes. By implementing Nectar’s automation system, they aimed to enhance data accuracy and operational efficiency. This case study delves into how Idaho Milk leveraged Nectar’s data enrichment capabilities to achieve significant improvements in their environmental data management.


Managing vast amounts of environmental data and classifying numerous transactions manually was a time-consuming task for Idaho Milk Products. The labor-intensive process not only posed a risk of inaccuracies but also hindered their ability to make timely, data-driven decisions.


Nectar’s automation system was introduced to enrich line item data across Idaho Milk’s operations. While most companies use Nectar’s capabilities for collecting utility data, Nectar’s AI system also allows users to enrich their data with custom fields. Nectar connected with Idaho Milk’s data and efficiently uncovered insights by correctly classifying line items. The automation system significantly reduced the manual workload originally needed to sift through the data.


Nectar’s automation system proved to be a game-changer for Idaho Milk Products, streamlining their environmental data management and transaction classification processes. The ability to automate data collection and enrichment led to increased efficiency. By leveraging Nectar’s advanced data services, Idaho Milk enhanced their data accuracy and operational effectiveness, supporting their sustainability initiatives and long-term business goals. In fact, in 2023 Idaho Milk Products won a $177k grant awarded Idaho Power for continuing their efforts in reducing energy consumption!

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